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Kay, Michael S.

Michael S. Kay

University of Utah School of Medicine

Talk Title

D-Peptide Therapeutics

Presentation Time

Thursday, June 29, 2023, at 02:00 pm - 02:25 pm

D-peptides are promising therapeutic agents because of their resistance to proteases and low immunogenicity. However, D-peptide discovery using high-throughput screening methods like mirror-image phage display requires chemical protein synthesis, CPS, of mirror-image target proteins, which previously limited such efforts to relatively small proteins.

Recent CPS advances like solubilizing "helping hands" and computational evaluation of potential synthesis pathways have greatly improved CPS efficiency and expanded its reach to larger target proteins.

Here we describe our progress in developing antiviral D-peptides, including an HIV entry inhibitor in clinical trials, as well as earlier-stage efforts to develop D-peptides targeting larger bacterial targets.

Our lab focuses on mirror-image peptides and proteins, which have great therapeutic potential because of their resistance to proteolysis. Our primary biological interest is developing D-peptide inhibitors against infectious diseases, particularly for the prevention and treatment of HIV and antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, though we are now expanding into diverse therapeutic areas including cancer.

Michael S. Kay
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